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The facts about healthy spring mineral water

junio 3, 2019

This is virgin water naturally filtered over years through rock formations. This is where the minerals are picked up. All of these methods have a pump at the bottom of a stainless steel or alkathene pipe. Some will come from the under ground water table at pressure to lift into the bottling plants. Others will have to pump anything from 20-50 metres plus, underground.

All of this water is regarded as mineral water or mineral water delivery because it contains trace elements. You cannot argue the fact.The only issue is the purity of the water and how much mineral content is in the water and is that good for you?

The preferred method of bottling water is to run the water into stainless steel settlement tanks leave 24 hours to settle then bottle it, ready for delivery.

The art of bottling water is very simple but not every company has its own pure source so this is why with clever marketing some company can confuse the consumer and let them believe they are buying a first class product. Read below to see how some bottled water and water cooler companies sell you glorified tap water !!!

The facts about Surface water: Lakes, rivers, seas, reservoirs, brooks, burns, etc:

Anywhere you can see it. This is where most tap water supply companies draw from referred to as the mains. This water can be contaminated as it is open to the air and anything that decides to land in it, swim in it or simply abuse it.

Factories and various companies do use it like a toilet flush to carry a way from their own back yard. This is why the water is treated with chemicals, chlorine, ultra violet and ozone, filtered through fresh water mussel beds and green sand, or crushed bones. Not very nice for you vegetarians out there. It is then pumped to your taps.

This can be treated further by some bottled water supply companies in three ways:

Reverse Osmosis

This strips the water of everything. Acting like the bodies own filtration system the water washes through fine membranes taking out all minerals in the water. Often the companies add back some minerals for taste. You need minerals to make vitamins work.


Water that is boiled in sealed containers until the steam rises and forced through coils and condensed and cooled turning back into water droplets gathered in reservoirs. Again the steam cannot rise with minerals attached so you get a funny tasting water with no minerals in it unless re added back this water is usually used in acid batteries on cars etc. The Holistic Society regards this water as having health giving qualities.


Water is passed through filters, normally activated charcoal. This masks the taste of the chlorine. This system is used on point of use coolers and vending machines this water still remains mineral.