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How to Prepare a Hamburger in the United States

noviembre 7, 2018

The hamburger is a typical food of this American country, whose origin is uncertain, although it is alleged that its possible origin dates from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth. If you want to taste American cuisine, look for search hotels in United States with Trivago, where these recipes are prepared.

It is said that the modern hamburger was born due to how hectic modern life usually is so you see the need for a food that was quick to make.

The hamburger is one of the most emblematic foods found in the United States.

The hamburger is an easy food to make, where its qualifier derives from the name of a German city called hamburg, however there are several accounts that claim where the real name comes from that is given to the hamburger. This food is so popular that in any restaurant that is in the United States you can get everything from fast food that is cheaper to food franchises like 9 McDonalds that are known around the world. Here we will explain how to make a classic hamburger to make four portions (see: Chilean food)

Ingredients for a classic hamburger

two tablespoons onion, finely chopped
two tablespoons chili sauce
two teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
two teaspoons mustard
five hundred grams of ground meat
four slices of cheddar cheese, where the same should be sliced diagonally
two slices of Swiss cheese
four hamburger breads, sliced and well toasted
Lettuce leaves,
Tomato, chopped in slices
Kétchup (tomato sauce)

Preparation of a classic hamburger

The first thing we must do is mix the following ingredients, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, two tablespoons of mustard and a finely chopped onion then grab the ground beef well shredded and finally mix everything very well.

With this mix you will form a ball and then flatten it a little and put it to cook in grill during 6 minutes each one of the sides until it is golden fixing you well that they do not remain raw in its interior.

Finally having the meat ready, place it on a slice of bread and add the Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese on the meat to melt then proceed to place the lettuce, slices of tomato, onion, bacon if desired and the classic sauces that can never miss are the tomato sauce and mustard.